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The Top Features of Telecommuncation Phone Systems

Toshiba's Strata Is Just Right For Your Business

The Phone System That Does It All For All Types Of Business

Whether your business is small or large, the Strata DK424 offers a solution that fits your needs. Its advanced universal slot architecture provides maximum configuration flexibility allowing almost any combination of CO lines, telephones, and peripherals.

Its revolutionary "building block" design lets you start small with a one cabinet system that provides capacity for 16 CO lines and 32 telephones, and grow to a seven cabinet system that provides capacity for 200 CO lines or 336 telephones. With the Strata DK424, you can grow and expand to meet your changing needs easily and cost-effectively.

The Strata DK424 incorporates the latest technological advances into the friendliest user interface possible, making this the one system that will definitely improve your companyís communications, efficiency, and productivity.

Keep Your Return On Investment Growing

With the Strata DK424 youíve got a solid plan for cost-effective growth, controlling operational costs, and increasing productivity

Modular Growth

The Strata DK424ís revolutionary "building block" modular approach to growth and expansion is a cost-saving breakthrough, enabling businesses to upgrade performance and capacity without significant capital outlays.

Migration and Compatibility

The Strata DK424 incorporates a complete migration philosophy, allowing you to reuse telephones from smaller and/or older Strata DK systems throughout the entire Strata DK product line.

Cost Saving Features

The Strata DK424 offers a variety of features designed to make your business more efficient and profitable by helping you control costs and better manage your operation. For example, it can provide concise, easy-to-understand information on every incoming and outgoing call, enabling you to make cost-saving procedural and staffing adjustments. It helps make client billing easier, can restrict long-distance toll access, routes calls over your least cost CO line or long distance carrier, connects to high speed digital services, and even eliminates technician reprogramming when you move a telephone from one location to another.

Variety of Telephones to Meet Your Requirements

Toshiba digital telephones are available in two colors, and a variety of 10 and 20 button handsfree or LCD speakerphone configurations, including a 900 MHz cordless digital telephone, allowing you to match the telephone to the application. For specialized answering, we offer an add-on module, DSS console, attendant console with color CRT display, and a door phone. The Strata DK424 allows your people to make more efficient use of their telephones and take full advantage of the systemís capabilities, improving communication among your employees as well as with your customers.

Complex Features Made Simple

Sophisticated features donít help if your people wonít use them because theyíre too complicated or cumbersome. Thatís why we designed the Strata DK424 with the end user in mind. For example, LCD feature prompting makes feature access and use easier by displaying simple, clear instructions on the telephoneís LCD screen. This reduces training time and makes sophisticated features less intimidating.

And, for the features your employees use most often, user programmable buttons can automatically perform sequences of feature operation at the touch of a button, saving time on every call.

Productivity Expanding Features

Add Options When You Need Them

The Strata DK424 lets you add optional features individually at any time, so you get the exact level of performance your business requires - no more and no less. By tailoring the system to your companyís individual needs, youíre assured maximum productivity and cost-effectiveness.

From direct inward dialing to external call forwarding, the Strata DK424 delivers sophisticated, powerful options that enhance internal and external communication.

Whether your business requires Caller ID, Computer Telephony Integration, T1, Voice mail/Auto Attendant, or advanced ACD/MIS functions the Strata DK424 offers the right features and options for almost any size or type of operation.

Backed By Toshiba

Today, choosing the right telecommunication system for your company is more difficult than ever. Making the smart choice means finding a manufacturer you can trust and a system you can depend on to meet your changing needs. The Strata DK424 represents our commitment to designing and manufacturing telecommunication systems that will help our customers be successful today, tomorrow, and for years to come. Thatís why for over 100 years businesses have depended on Toshiba, a world-wide leader in business telecommunication systems.

Quality & Reliability You Can Depend On

Like all Toshiba telecommunication products, the design of the Strata DK424 reflects our continued commitment to quality, reliability, and value.

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