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Telecommunication Services

Here's what we can do for you!

When we discuss your needs with you, we'll begin evaluating your current telecommunication system. As we find out more about your business of today and tomorrow, we'll be reviewing the services and equipment that could make your life easier and assist your business communication needs.

In general, we have a number of aspects of telecommunication that might benefit your business or organization. If the terms seem confusing, don't worry, we know what they mean and how they will affect you. If you would like, you can visit our Glossary page to review what some of these things mean and do.

We do the design, installation and servicing of:

  1. P.B.X. Telephone, Key Telephone, and Voice Processing Solutions
  2. Tranmission Equipment - Voice/Data
  3. Statistical Multiplexiers, TI Chananel Banks, TI Drop/Insert
  4. Data Networking Products - Ethernet, Token Ring, IBM Type I
  5. Fiber Optics Services - Building and Campus Equipment
  6. Uninterruptable Power Supplies
  7. Wiring Systems - Twisted Pair, Coax, Twinax, and Fiber Optic
  8. Moves, Additions, Changes, and Service on most voice and data communications equipment

    COMMWORLD NORTHWEST is part of an national company and offers a National Accounts Program. In other words, we have the ability to provide service and installation in multiple locations inside and outside Western Washington. In addition to our National Accounts Program, our National Service Center features 24 hour, seven day a week access for emergency service requests!


    Our standard labor rate is $68.00 an hour. Our Out of Hours service labor rate is $90.00 an hour.

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    Tacoma: (253) 566-8866

    Seattle: (206) 624-2953

    Fax: (253) 566-4601

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